Something about my company

I was introduced here by a Alibaba Saleman last year in December 2007, and now I have been working here for almost a whole year. Here are some pictures and some introduction about my company and myself.

A closer view of our company….

Well, this is my seat

My seat again

A detailed view of my desk, it’s taken last year when at that time I use Moto V3 Mobile, but now I prefer Blackberry 710V…

Well, this is what I can see at the front of eyes out of a small window

A photo taken outside of our company

Why did I look so upset and hopeless?

What are you waiting for? Mr Charles Peng,  tell me, what are you Waiting for?

Waiting for that friggin’ miracle to happen? NO! There’s no so called miracle, it will never be happened, NEVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

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