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Hsiendai has a mailing list now, please subscribe our mailing list, so that you can always be notified about our company news, new products, and our promotion information, as well as our hot selling items on our Ebay store or even more…

Hsiendai newsletter is hosted by a Chinese provider, so part of the language is Chinese, so I am writing this step-by-step guide to help you subscribe our mailing list, here we go.

Subscribe Hsiendai Newsletter

Step 1: Input your email address in this url , and click the blue “确定” (means OK) button.

Subscribe Hsiendai Newsletter

Step 2: The mailing list says a confirming email was sent to your mailbox, you need to click on the url in the confirmation email to complete subscription. Please open your mailbox and check that email.

Subscribe Hsiendai Newsletter

Step 3: Click on the long url in the email you received in the mailbox that you inputted just now.

Subscribe Hsiendai Newsletter

Step 4: Congratulations! You’re done. Please click on the “关闭” (means close) button to close the window.

Subscribe Hsiendai Newsletter

A welcome email will be sent to your mailbox, and you will get our weekly email soon.

Please subscribe our mailing list now to keep yourself updated on our newly added products on our website, or our hot selling items on our Ebay store. Hsiendai needs you to grow our business.

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    1. send him and email ,hes on holiday /vacation right now and he will get back with you.. Are you a locsmith ? And where at ? Craig

  1. he is on Holiday, send hm an email with the item numbers you want and he will get back with you with . Are you a locksmith ? And where at ? Craig

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