Switched back to Fedora 12

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It’s been so long a time since I switched to Ubuntu 9.04 before the release of Fedora 11, but now I finally switched back again and installed Constantine on my Eee PC 1000HE netbook. Fedora becomes better, and it works well on this little machine.

I still remember that Red Hat 9 is my very first Linux distribution that I tried when I was on college, although I knew how to install it after reading so many Linux books and magazines in our library, I had a very bad experience, because it doesn’t have a good browser. But things changed after my graduation when I installed a Ubuntu 6.06+Windows XP dual boot system on my office computer, this is the first time I started to use Firefox browser, it worked fine and most of the webpages could be displayed perfectly, and Linux systems left me a good expression since then.

One year later after I had my own job, I bought myself an HP Compaq Presario V3805AU laptop, I always planed to use a Linux distro so that I chose this one, it’s Linux-friendly enough because it has a Red-flag Linux desktop preinstalled. But Red-flag is based on KDE with a cloned Windows interface, and it’s hard to use, so I disliked it so much.

I installed Fedora 9 in my entire hard disk after erased Red-flag, because at that time I didn’t have a broadband internet connection, I had to connect to the internet with a China Mobile EDGE wireless router, so I spent a lot of time to looking for a Linux distro that supports mobile broadband, and finally I found Fedora 9, with GPRS/EDGE internet connections as it’s new features.

Both Fedora 9 and 10 worked perfectly on my laptop, but, it always has some small problems which drove me crazy as I only have some limited Linux knowledges, and can’t solve these problems myself, I switched to Ubuntu 9.04, Ubuntu is more stable as a desktop system, and, what I liked most is its new notify system.

Sometimes I blame myself a lot why I didn’t learn computer science and technology or something related as my major at university, I am so regret about that, because I can’t solve my own Linux computer problems, and I also don’t know what can I do for this amazing operating system.

With so many people’s hard work, Linux is becoming better than ever, especially Fedora Community, they contributed a lot to the Linux kernel and brought us new technology and new features to the Linux world one after another, I can do nothing to help them, but, I use their product, and, I can share my using experience with others, in a hope that they finally start to use it too. That’s what I can do to thank the Fedora community and all Linux developers, that’s why I am back.

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