I’m back now

Hi, all, i’m sorry I didn’t write anything in the last month. For one thing, I was a little bit busy and had a lot of things to be done at the end of 2008, for another, I was somewhat bored of writing, as you may know, I have several blogs now… except this one, I have a personal “official” website, and another team blog writing together with some of my female friends, I spent most of my spare time writing these two of my blogs.. While, the most important is my English, my english is not good, sometimes, I didn’t know what and how to write an article…

This morning, I received several emails telling me some readers left me comments on the blog, I replied them one by one, and deleted several hundred of spam comments. For the last month, I didn’t even log in this blog, didn’t upgrade to WordPress 2.7, I am so sorry to reply all comments so late… and I want to say sorry to all of my RSS readers if you subscribed my blog…

I’m back now… I made up my mind to renew at least once a week, please don’t leave… thanks

Some of my personal sites

I have some other sites on the net except pengjiayou.com and pengjiayou.com too, which are all hosted on my Bluehost. Today, I sorted them out, and write down here, so that I will not forget.

  1. Lifestream | Pengjiayou http://life.pengjiayou.com This is my personal lifestreaming site power by Sweetcron. [Username: jiayou]
  2. Feeds on Feeds http://feeds.pengjiayou.com/ It is my personal feed reader, even though I prefer Google Reader. [Username: admin/jiayou]
  3. Charles’ Personal Chinese Blog http://i.pengjiayou.com Another of my free WordPress-based blog hosted on Blog.35, I backed up my former Make Money Online Blogging blog here. And I seldom post new entries here. [OpenID: http://chiayu.peng.myopenid.com]

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My English blog moved to this new domain

I tried my best tonight to move my English blog entries from Pengyulong.com to this new domain hosted in Hostgator. I didn’t major in computer related specialized field in unvierstiy, it’s really a shame because I met a lot of problems when moving them. I was so happy when all troubles resolved at last.

How did I move my English blog?

Well, first of all, I Exported pengjiayou.com MySQL database from its host phpMyAdmin, and backed up all files in the old wp-content directory. Then, downloaded the lastest wordpress 2.6.2 and uploaded to the new host, and seted up a new MySQL database and made some necessary change of the wp-config.php file, and uploaded to the new host’s wordpress directory. After that, imported the mysql file which exported to the newly-created MySQL datebase. When I opened http://www.pengjiayou.com, it was automatically redirected to https://pengjiayou.com… it’s useless this way… 🙁

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Rosia, you will never know how much I miss you

Today, I thought of you, it has been so long a time that I didn’t see you again.

I remember right that it has been two years we met each other in the classroom on the campus.

I remember we begun to know each other in Feb. 2006, which is the last term of the college life. And we were together only for serval months. And today, at this special day, I remind of you, two years ago, on April Fool’s Day, you held a birthday party.

So I hope you a happy birthday this year. Athough it’s a  so short time we stayed on the compus together, you left me such a impression that I will never forget.

Rosia Chu

More photos can be found here