Excla.im: a jabber bot to update your twitter status

Twitter has officially stoped allowing you to update your twtiter status via IM, it’s not convenient enough when you using a computer without any Twitter clients installed in your computer, But everyone has a Google Talk, so it would much better if you can add new tweets via Google Talk…

Although, as I said abobe, Twitter officially doesn’t allow you to update your status via Google Talk, but we have many other ways to do this too. I once introduced identi.ca, which is a same micro-blogging service like Twitter, if you have a identi.ca account, your status posted can be easily synced to your Twitter account. That is to say, you updated your status on identi.ca via Google Talk (identi.ca supports IM), this status will be posted on Twitter too.

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I am now on Identi.ca

I registered an identi.ca account recenly, identi.ca is another micro-blogging service like Twitter, but it’s more UI friendly than Twitter, it’s my choice of microblog updates about Fedora 9 system, I use this identi.ca account to contact with other Fedora users. But of course all identi.ca updates are synced to my Twitter account.


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