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Decorate your Linux (Gnome) with Mac OS X interface

Give Ubuntu Jaunty An Apple Flavour A lot of people like to dress up their Linux (Gnome) computer with a Mac OS X interface. One way that I learned is to install Mac4Lin theme, I tried this before, but I don’t like Mac4Lin interface. Well, this article gives Gnome a fresh new look, and, it’s similar to Mac.

Decorate your Linux (Gnome) with Mac OS X interface

Schedule & Automate Tasks In Linux With Gnome Schedule I know a tool which called crontab, which can execute commands or scripts automatically at a specified time/date, so that you are allowed to do some things repeatedly on your computer and automactically, to use crontab, you must learn some Linux commands, because crontab is a command line based program. I like doing some basic job in terminal, but I hate commands, because I know only a little.

Well, if you don’t like Terminal either, you can try Gnome Schedule. This is a graphical equivalent of the crontab, which you can use it very easily. Here is a howto which you can learn from it.

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