Turn links into cash by Ucash.in通过链接赚钱

Turn links into cash
What is Ucash.in?
Every day millions of links are posted in forums, emails, chat, social networks and websites.
Ucash.in provides the ability to combine three important aspects, social bookmarking, a url service that converts long url links into shorter url links, and a service that turns your existing links and new links into cash!
Great for bloggers, forum users, webmasters, business users and more. Ucash.in makes it easy and simple to get paid for posting and sharing links.

Turn Links into Cash
When your Ucash links are clicked on, you make revenue from a redirect that can be an interstitial or top frame type advertisement. The current Revenue Sharing Rate (RSR) is $1 US for every 4000 top banner ad impressions, and $1 US for every 2000 intermission ad impressions (how much can I make?).

Social Bookmarking
Use Ucash.in as a personal bookmarking service to save your favorite links online in one place. Bookmark links to your favorite website, news articles, music, classifieds, auctions or friends and family social networking profiles. The possibilities are endless, just use your imagination and link the whole internet with Ucash!

Short URL Service
A longer url will often break when added to pre-formatted forms such as comments and emails. This often becomes a hindrance to effectively sharing information.
Example: http://www.flixya.com/post/chubster/41864/Jessica_Biels_Workout
Ucash.in shortens it to appear as: http://ucash.in/29f6d78 and redirects it to the original destination url. This makes it much more efficient for blogging, commenting, and more. Again, the possibilities are endless with Ucash.


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