Two Pretty Girls I Met on the Net

Yang Ting: I became to know her on the net even in the year 2005, when at that time, I was studying in the second year in Xi’an Fanyi University (XFU), I forgot how we met, maybe I searched on QQ and found her and add her to my QQ buddy list. We didn’t talk too much online, because she had a job in Hangzhou City for years, and she’s always busy. We hadn’t talked for a very long time, but she remembered me all the time, she sent me a message last week, and we talked a little, and I told her I want to see her photos, she agreed and sent me a photo above as well as her online album address and it’s password for more.

I downloaded some other of her photos from her online album and uploaded tem to my own Yupoo album, here’re more:

Yang is in Hangzhou city, the capital city of Zhejiang, I am also in Zhejiang, but in another city, and it’s not very far from here by bus, she once asked me to go to Hangzhou to drink tea with her… I hope so, maybe we canmeet each other some time later when I am back to Shaanxi during the spring festival.

Well, another girl, Miss Sannie Chan, was my customer, I started to know her around May this year. She took a job as a saleswoman in Shenzhen and bought some products from me,  that’s how I knew her online contact information.

Sannie is just a kind of girl that I like, she knows how to make up to be more prettier, and she is always smile, and I can also see form her photos she has a very good character and temper, anyone who’s together with her will be happy too. When can I go to Shenzhen city? It’s just a dream.

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