UseJump, a Secure and Fast Web Browser

UseJump, a Secure and Fast Web Browser

As a revolutionary browser, it will give back power of Internet to its users. Usejump is a secure and fast web browser based on webkit that helps users access information anytime and anywhere beyond filtering and censorship.

To make web browsing experience safer and faster by using P2P and encryption technologies based on open standards. Usejump is seeking to be the first truly social network aware browser.

While with flourishing of internet and social networking, everyday peoples build more and more trust and relationship with others, at the same time governments find the internet as direct opposition of their interests. So, here comes the filtering and information censorship. For years and centuries those who have the power ( governments, politicians , etc… ) trying to control the access of people to information by controlling over books, newspapers, medias , news , TV and so on. but today we have opportunity for the first time to stand up against all and say NO.

Our mission with the Usejump is to make this possible with the power of internet and technologies that we have in the hand, but is not possible without you as someone how believe in the spirit of open access to information for anyone, we need you, be there for everyone of us.

The developpers of Usejump are a group of passionate programmers, IT specialists and geeks from around the globe who love freedom and believe in the right of uncensored access to the Internet for everyone with respect to user privacy.

They are committed to open platforms and trying to provide our software and products for free.

They think about the web as a wonderful platform of the future. Usejump is designed to be a browser to utilize this platform.

They have no connection with any government, political party or company and we like to remain independent and only get support from our users or those who have the same idea like us. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

上面的英文来自 Usejump 的官方网站,写的多好啊,没有人比这些开发者们更了解中国国情和中国网络现状了,不是吗?这就是一个翻高墙利器啊,记录下来什么时候在网吧可以用用,嘿嘿。

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