Wedding Planning is a very popular blog specializing in tips on wedding preparation. It is a women targeted blog particularly on wedding, relationship or marriage blogs. It is so special a blog that I have to recommend to all of you. Because perhaps you are going to get married, so this blog is very useful for you to get any wedding planning help that you will meet in the near future. has many articles on sloving wedding day problems and sugesstions on wedding planning stress, and it also introduces to all of you our Chinese people customs and kua and our Chinese new year. So if you are interested in Chinese wedding, please read this blog.

Wedding is the most important time for women and men, maybe only once a time, so please read this blog and get enough infomation on how to choose wedding crowns, how to manage mother in laws, and how to prepare for marrige, how to relax, how to save money and how to take care of wife or husband, lots and lots of other good ideas which will make your wedding more unforgetable.

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