Why I blog in English

I just told my visitors in my fist entry of this blog that I will start bloging in English language, and always try to post in English. That’s true, I have made this decision. But anyone wants to know why?

For one reason is that, this blog hosting server IP was blocked in China, so people from China can’t not open this site without a proxy, no matter he/she uses a CHINA TELCOM broadband connect or  CHINA NETCOM one. So even though I blog in Chinese language, Chinese people can not access and read. And this IP is only blocked in China, so my blog readers from other countries have no problem accessing, because people from other countries and area know little Chinese. It is not wise for me to blog in Chinese, I can only speak only one other lange, that is English.

Secondly, I want to practice my English, I am now working in a copany doing foreigh trade, I am dealing with lots of foreigners a day, chatting with them or sending emails with them, and looking for potential buyers of our products on the net, all in English. It is better for me if I can write & speak fluent English to have a better commnucating with them. What I need to do to reah my goal is just practice, and practice.  It is a great chance for me to post in English, and Blog is just a platform for myself to commnucate with my readers, I think,  by replying their comments or E-mails.
If I insist on doing like this, one day my English can be greatly improved, that’s just what I want.

I have been graduated from college for nealy two years. And I started to learn English when I was in junior school, I like leaning english at the very beginning,  my english was very good at that time and  even when I was in senior high school, compared with other classmates and schoolmates. That’s why I chose Englsih major when I entered college.

After graduation, I worked in a company do the same job, had been working for a half year, I changed my job to another, at this job position, I seldom spoke or wr0te English,  I was afraid that If this sitution continnued, I will forgot all my English vocabulary, it’s awful.

I looked for another job in Oct. 2007,  to do bussiness with foreign people, that’s really helpful, although I didn’t have much problem when use English again, but my vocabulary is very limited, it’s ugenly need to be enlarged.

I have two Chinese blogs now, I like blogging so much, so another English blog is necessary.

Dear readers, do you know why I blog in english now? I hope all of you can support me, to correct the grammar mistakes of my blogging articles, just give me an comment. Thanks in advance.

This is my second post of this new blog, at the end of this entry, I add a photo agian, another different one.

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