Will change a job sooner or later this month

I finally made a decision that I will change a job sooner or later this month, I fell so upset and so disappointed recently and I don’t want to stay here any longer.

It has been nearly 5 months I worked here, when I came here in the End of Oct. 2007, I just got out of a multi-level marketing, which is illegal by laws in China. I found my self so bad luck that I entered such organization once upon a time, after geting out of there, I had nothing, no money, forgot almost all my English, missed a lot of chances.

When I came back to Taizhou, which I worked after my graduation from college,  from the multi-level  marketing organization in Luoyang, Henan Province, I went to a friend working in Wenling, Taizhou. He greatly helped me, and after staying there with him for almost one month, I began to look for a job, I got to know an Alibaba sales representative on a job-hunting website, and he finally introduced me to this shop, Taizhou Luqiao Tongda Lock Service Shop, yes, this not a company, only a shop. I remembered that when I first came here to be interviewed, the woman, who is our boss’ wife, said they are a company, and has a factory of their own, and had begun to do foreign trade for a long time, and their products are the best all of the world, and has lots of exportation worldwide, I fould myself so foolish to believe what she said to me so easilly.
But when I begun working, they treated me well at first, but after working here for month, everything changed, she is very bad-tempered,  and often called my names, she thought foreign business is a very easy thing. But it wasn’t, she knew nothing about it. I want to leave at that time, but I couldn’t do it, because I had no money, really no money, I need more money so that I could find another job.

They don’t have a factory, most of their products were bought from other companies in Shenzhen or other places. So prices are much more higher than any other supplier doing the same business, so I was so difficult for me to sell. Another problem is that, it is very difficult to pass customs because  third parties logo the keys.

Sometime, when a buyer placed an order to me, and paid by Western Union, I could not send goods to them because they have no products. But I couldn’t help to do it.

What’s more, here the rooms are limited, my working conditions are very bad, I watch the computer screen all day long, and my eyes became shortsighted because of the dark environment.

I fell so much pressure and I finally can’t bear any more,  there are so many job opputinities here, I am sure that I can easilly find another one.  Surely, I will.

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  1. so sorry to delay your sleep time tonight , but so thankful and prealesed to have you to help me a lot , maybe more in future.

    i never know you made the decision that U R gonna jump, but it 's still happy to hear that . coz U R honest to yourself!

    hopefully , U will find your own way someday!

    just remember : if you wanna have something that others cant have , you have to bear something that others cant bear!
    that is fair!

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