WordPress blog, can not post new entries

I met an strange problem when posting an entry yesterday, when i was writing post in wordpress, and when I clicked “Save and Continue Editing”, or “Save” and “Publish” after i edited my content, I got a long delay, then a blank browser window. The Dashboard doesn’t come up. If I click my browser’s back button it will take me back to the Dashboard, but the new content is gone. I’m using Firefox (latest version) and my wordpress is the newest version 2.3.2, at first I don’t know what’s the problem, because i published an entry successfully before this issue happened.

Firstly, i checked my browser, i tried IE6, the same trouble, cleared my firefox cache, same happened again. This really droved me crazy. Because before this happened, i posted an entry successfully, i thought there’s nothing wrong with my plugins, so i didn’t check any of my plugins which is abled, maybe it is the host that caused this problem, but when i login another of wordpress blog which also hosted in this server, it works fine.

I searched on Google, and try to find out that anyone else have the same problem, i finally found this page, someone is discussing the same trouble a year ago, an older version of wordpress. they said that it was the Google Site Map Generator that caused this issue, I really actived this plugin, they say i have to clear the log file which created by the Google Site Map Generator, i found again and again, but didn’t find where to clear it, I disabled this plugin, but it didn’t solve the problem. So i think this plugin works fine in my blog.

Last night, I disable all the plugins, and then publish a post, everything ok, so i finally think that it is the plugin caused the trouble, but which plugin? I really got confused, I disabled all the plugins, and then active one by one, actived one plugin and i try to Save and Continue Editing a post, until I found which plugin caused the problem

Finally, i found, God, it is the WP slug in english or pinyin 1.2 caused this trouble, this plugin can set slug from title or google translate or pinyin, which is useful is you post an Chinese language entry, it creats an english or pinyin slug automatically even if you are writing in Windows live writer or other editors.

I disabled this plugin, my blog works fine now, because from now on, i will post english language posts. My wordpress can now autosave my entries and publish successfully.

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