今天我又两个令人惊异的插件介绍给大家,分别叫做 TopLinksFriendsRoll

TopLinks and FriendsRoll WordPress Plugins

TopLinks通过一个非常漂亮而精致的 Widget 显示一列你经常在日志中链接到的网址,而FriendsRoll允许读者用一个更好的方式来联系你,并且在你的网站上显示他们的链接。

我认识这些插件的开发者,所以我有点更加兴奋。但是我希望你们所有人能给他们一个好的开始,并且让 76design 知道插件的任何错误和问题。

这些插件被开发出来,我真的非常兴奋, 尤其是 TopLinks ,因为它对我一些用 WordPress 搭建的关于博客的站点非常使用和重要。因为它可以让我把我在我博客中经常使用的资源展示出来。

翻译自 BloggingPro ,原文链接:WordPress Plugins: TopLinks and FriendsRoll,以下是英文原文。

TopLinks shows a list of the sites you link to the most in your posts in a really nice little widget while FriendsRoll allows readers to connect with you in an easy way and have their link shown on your site.

I know the developers of these plugins, so I might be a little more excited than I otherwise would be, but I hope you will all give them a good go, and let 76design know of any errors or issues with the plugins.

I am really excited to see these take off, especially TopLinks, as I think it could be a useful staple to some of my WordPress niche focused blogs, allowing me to show off the resources I use most often.

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