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MyApril Reloaded WordPress Theme
国内外很多些写博客赚钱话题的博客,比如Johnchow Dot ComProbloggerJohnTP总统博客中文赚钱博客等,或者似乎所有用到推介的博客都纷纷采用125×125的广告布局,这种广告布局的Wordpress主题很流行,继上次大妈推荐并使用的Blue Green Harmony主题(此款主题被总统博客推荐并修改后使用)之后,中文赚钱博客今天给大家推荐另一款个人觉得非常不错的主题,叫做MyApril Reloaded,双右侧栏+底栏,右侧宽栏便于发挥,支持Widgets,自带多个125×125广告位和足够其它广告位,界面简单清晰,稍加修改之后适合那些做想利用Wordpress来赚钱的朋友。

MyApril Reloaded主题必须的插件有:

  1. Popularity Contest
  2. Get Recent Comments

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MyApril Reloaded is the successor and the 3 Columns version of my second (MyApril) themes. And of course this is Free WordPress Themes. I made some changes on MyApril and ported to 3 columns version.

I make some color changes too, to make more easy and I hope more delicious color. This themes is my last themes before I switch to Padangan (not yet released)

  • Double Right Sidebar
  • Widget Ready
  • Change About text via Admin Profile
  • Square Block Area Ready
  • Tested on WordPress 2.1.x, WordPress 2.2 and WordPress 2.3.x

This theme need some plugins, you can download it from the original author or WordPess Plugins, here are the plugins.

  1. Popularity Contest
  2. Get Recent Comments

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  1. 是的,广告位特别多,稍加修改一定不错!我就觉得wordpress是因为主题和插件比较丰富,在易用性方面比MovableType要好得多,因此也更普及。

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