Xi’an Fanyi University

I have been graduated from Xi’an Fanyi University for 2 years till now, and actually it will be the 2nd anniversary that I left this university some days later. It reminds me quite a lot. This video was made by PhotoStory with the photos I took when I was back to my university for the diploma in Jun 2006, please enjoy it.

I remembered my favourite song when I was on this campus.

The song is named Black Black Heart, sing by my favorite Taiwanese singer Ren’e Liu and Stanley.

—Update in 9/19/2011—

It seems that a lot of people came to this blog page when they searched on Google with the keyword “Xi’an Fanyi University” (name of our university). But I’m sorry because I let you down, as here’s nothing you’re interested in. I apologize for my laziness and that’s why I updated this page 3 years later since it is posted. 🙂

I have been graduated from this university for 5 years now, and have been working in Taizhou for a long time. Campus life in XFU helped me a lot against my international sales career. Thanks Mr. Ding and other college teachers.

I remembered a little after so many years of graduation, but Mr. Ding always came to my mind. And I always open our college website for news of the college because of him. I hope he’s healthier, and be able to carry out a weekly speech on TV to help all students, because his speeches gave me a very deep impressions when I was in the college and even 5 years since I left. He’s humorous, eloquent, and we always enjoyed his words.

Climbing the mountains around our university, is the most memorable thing, and it is also the favorite experience of my campus life. I hope I have a chance to go to the maintains again, but I am not sure if I have such a chance, because Spring is the most suitable time to enjoy the scenery of the mountains.

Thanks for those who were guided and redirected here, if there’s anything you want to know about the university, you can contact with me by leaving a comment below or email me to linux.usrs # gmail.com, thanks.

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  1. Hello Charles ! You probably don't know me, but five years ago (Fall 2003), I was a foreign English teacher at XFU when you were just a freshman or a sophomore. Unfortunately, I had to leave in November for a medical reason. I had the chance to teach there the previous year (Spring 2002) as well. It was a great experience. If by chance you remember me, I'd be glad to have a chat online with you. Take care, merry Xmas, and happy New Year !

    1. @Martin D., I've been graduated from XFU for almost 3 years, I was on Western campus then, I remembered a male teachers tought us oral English in 2003, but, anyway, I hope we have a chance to talk via MSN. I added you to my MSN just now, I hope we have a chance to talk with each other online. See you, Merry Christmas and happy new year, you'll receive a copy of this email, reply it and I will receive your email 😀

  2. Hi Charles,

    I see you graduated from Xi’an Fanyi University. My son wants to attend a college in Xian to study chinese and international bussiness. My friends daughter is interested in studying art there as well. As you just graduated recently I hoped you may be able to recommend some colleges in that region.

  3. Hi, I am just a passer-by, however I was graduated from XFU six years before. I missed and feel pround of my home uni a lot even though it is not a government-run university. I am quite enjoying your photostory stuff recalls all my memories. loll.

    Hope everything goes well. cheers

  4. It's my first time to visit you bolg, I love the pictures of our mother school, there're still too many precious memories for me, too many things and person. so I just want to "LEAVE MY FOOT PRINT".

  5. Hi Charles,

    Hope you everything goes well!

    I graduated from our uni in 2009 and i love it and love the president Ding, our granda pa ~ lol

    I googled the "xi an fan yi univeristy" and found your blog , and before entried your blog , i found some unpleasant blog which was writen by a @#¥% called fang zi zhou … in his blog , he asked " it is said xi an fan yi uni has over 30k students now , i wonder what they can learn there .." i was pissed off and wanted to leave a comment there and seems there was no comment function . otherwise loads of comments would slap on his fugly face and heart!

    i am proud of being a student there , and now i work in shenzhen , what about you ? i will add your MSN on my list

    Talk to you soon

    Have a nice day

  6. With deep grief I notify you Professor Mr.Ding passed away today. Since you were his faithful student, I leave you the message here and wish you and your university mates know this.

    1. I'm profoundly touched by Mr. Ding's death and I am offering his family, friends, teachers and all XTC/XFU students my sincere condolences. Mr. Ding gave me twice the opportunity to work at his university in spring 2002 and in fall 2003. I will always remember him as a man with great ideas and great projects. I hope that one day, his ambition to make XFU the Oriental Harvard becomes reality. May the soul of Mr. Ding rest in peace for eternity.

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