YouAmp, 简洁而轻量的音乐播放器

YouAmp is yet another music player for Linux.

YouAmp is yet another music player for Linux. Its author aims to bring us a lightweight Music Player for the Internet Tablet (Nokia N900 Meamo5 smartphone), but he also released a desktop version, it’s simple and clean and fast and it just works, which is worth giving a try.

YouAmp takes a while on first startup after installation to your hard drive as it will index your whole home directory by searching all your mp3s in your /home/username folder and adds them to the playlist. It was designed for the internet tablet, so it maybe has no amazing features as you may expect on the desktop, but it’s simple enough and it just works.

YouAmp 是一个 Linux 下全新的音乐播放器。作者本来是为诺基亚的 Maemo 平台开发轻量的音乐播放器,可是他同时发布了 Linux 桌面版,这个播放器简单,简洁,速度快,功能不多,值得一试。

YouAmp 安装后首次启动时会花一段时间索引你硬盘,搜索硬盘上的 mp3 文件并添加到播放列表。这个播放器本来是为移动网络设备开发,所以你就别期望桌面版有激动人心的新功能,但是它足够简洁,足以满足你听音乐的需求。

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