You’re so beautiful when you smile

This is a song by Nicholas Tse called “So Beautiful when You Smile“, which was uploaded to a Chinese video sharing website Tudou in 2006 by myself, I almost forgot this MTV since today I visited my Tudou hopepage again, I like this song, this is one of the best songs sing by Nicholas.

Having listened this song again and again for lots and lots of times this morning, it reminds me of a girl, whom I like when I was in XFU, I like being together with her, and, I like most her smile, yes, really beautiful.

Time flies, however, I couldn’t be able to see her since July 2006, but her face when she smiles are always in my mind…

Well, I uploaded some great music files to Tudou in 2006 as well, these are Disco Dance Music, I forgot when I downloaded them and how to download them again. Thanks Tudou, they are all there. OK, try to listen these musics and see if you like it either 😀

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